UU Mom (uu_mom) wrote in 2_sex,
UU Mom

Genderism - good or bad or problematic? How so?

"Genderism" isn't really a word according to Merriam Webster, but I thought I'd use it as being a milder form of "sexism". It looks like most of the members of this community are not really sexist (prejudice against the opposite sex - especially in the sense of deliberately discriminating against the opposite sex), but thinking of people in terms of gender is so ingrained in all of us. I wonder how bad this really is. Can we learn to stop thinking in terms of gender? The way a non-racist tries to stop thinking in terms of race? Why would we want to do that even if we could?

I first thought of this topic quite a while ago when I noticed that we apply gender to a person even before they're born. "Do you know if it's a boy or girl?" Why do we care? Then I noticed today that I looked at someone's user pic and assumed the person was female and then went to their profile page and learned the person is male (or at least has a very male name). Why did I care?! I really don't know.
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